church is friends.

I’m not in this to fight for anyone’s business like a fast food restaurant, an airline, or a cell phone provider. I’m in this to free and inspire people and to point toward something refreshing for the exhausting game of life we’re all playing. If the language and culture we speak and work in, helps to do that, great. If not, well, I understand. 

That said, I get sad when people leave. Not because it’s somehow a bad reflection of our church or how we do things, but, quite simply, because I won’t see them anymore. And that stinks. As much as we hate to admit it, I stay connected with a large amount of people through church. And when they leave, I will miss them. So will others. 

So don’t mistake the sadness for business. We miss people. We miss relationships. And, again, that’s why we say, if we do run into you in the store, please don’t ignore me and act embarrassed. 

We’re still humans, right?