you are.

When I made video games for a living, my boss gave me an Eeyore to hold my business cards. I was grumpy, pessimistic, negative... I was Eeyore. 

And then something happened, and that something had a lot to do with faith and God and Christianity. I don’t want to say it was solely responsible but it’s amazinghow often a bad faith story will affect the rest of someone’s life story and perspective. 

I found a faith that said to celebrate more. Be proud of myself more. Acknowledge that I’ve grown, evolved, that I’m learning, that I’ve failed - and learned from that - and that I am moving. At least a little. I know I have. And you have. Everyone has. But negative thoughts stick to our brain much more easily than positive. You have to work to make those positive thoughts stick.  

Instead of focusing on all the things that you have not done correctly, (often for which you think God is about to roast you) start focusing on the good things you are doing. Focus on how proud God is of you. Focus on how proud you are of yourself. Focus on how often you can relate to people trying to figure out life. 

Sometimes you feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and visit the sick. You reject money for something more important. You take time to rest and breathe and appreciate the moment. 

And on and on it goes. Religion is often just affirming that the things that feel like they bring you life, actually are. So be grateful, pat yourself on the back and smile.