enough is hard.

Yeah, yeah, we hear it and you’ve heard it. But seriously, this enough stuff. Can anyone actually live it?  Can anyone actually go through life believing and living "enough"?

This is so frustrating. We resist the most, that which makes us a better person. I know I do, at least. 

Not because we don’t want to be better people. I know I do. 

But because to be better we have to give up the struggle to be enough and we have to realize we are and we have to 

be naked and vulnerable
risk the most important thing we think we own - our own  merit and worth
give up control of the things we think we control
say no to the comforting, intoxicating whisper of the ego and its power and
acknowledge mystery and doubt and admit we don’t know more than we think we know. 

You have to lose your life to find it.