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heaven as a perspective.

Pierre Teilhard deChardin's theme is evolution. He argues, in his amazing book “Christianity and Evolution” that it’s our job to evolve. It’s the job of the universe to evolve, and it is the job of Christians to push evolution. It’s our main mission, he argues. 

Pain pushes evolution. It’s how we move. deChardin even argues that we should all celebrate pain because it’s then that we are growing. We need pain. Of course, God created pain - it’s necessary to evolve and God is all about evolution and growth. 

It’s all about perspective. Our perspective on failure, perspective on mistakes, perspective on pain. 

What if heaven is just a different perspective on pain? What if heaven is not the absence of pain? What if there are no more tears because we realize there is nothing to cry about? What if there is no more sadness because we see sadness for what it actually is? 

There is still learning and growing in heaven and there is a reason we can’t all just get to Heaven right now - we have to evolve in our understanding of pain a little more. 

heaven and hell are not different places.

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