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who loves more?

Three days after the shooting in Charleston, North Carolina, families of the victims were asking for God to show mercy to the shooter. 

Three days after people lost a close family member because someone generally didn’t like any people of their family members’ color and attended a Bible Study with those people in order to be warmly accepted by them and then shoot them… the family members offered them forgiveness and grace. 

And many would say that God is sending that shooter to Hell, unable to offer the same grace. 

Are people more loving than God? 

If that is true, than it seems like we have a major problem with God. It can’t be possible that the created beings love more than the Creator, right? 

If that isn’t true, than I think we have a major problem with Hell.

I do tend to side with the second.  

Mark Twain once asked “Who prays for Satan… the one sinner that needed it most…”. 

Crazy enough, I learned the answer to that: the Athonite monks of Cyprus. They actually pray for the demons and the devil on a regular basis - to find salvation and God. 

Once again, if there are human beings praying for the devil to be saved… I wonder if God feels the same way? 

I know we have a major problem with Hell. 

For those that do insist on a Hell and do want people there, I wonder if they are already there. It’s a tough life to feel like everyone around you needs to be punished a little bit more than they already are. That can make you really angry. 

And, you have to wonder. If someone can not fathom the idea of Hitler being in Heaven, what kind of Heaven would it be for that person if Hitler is there? 

It could be pretty hellish.

Or one could say, that God, in God’s mercy and justice, develops a place to live for people who can’t stand Hitler being in Heaven, and calls it Hell, because God definitely loves humans more than we are capable of. 





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