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turning over tables

I was recently in a conversation with a University Theology professor who said something along the lines of "...and I don't think there is anything in the New Testament that says differently."

To which I almost responded, "Is there anything in the New Testament about University Theology degrees?" 

Of course, I didn't because he's a phD and I'm not. I also try not to be a jerk if I can help it. 

But, the thought has crossed my mind more than once. If Jesus were to come back as the offensive, religious rebel, revolutionary that he is, he'd have to do something that we don't often think of that would really get under our skin. 

He would have to throw around some temple tables... or the equivalent. So, how about these tables...

Charging people around $50,000 a year to learn about God so that they can then speak to other people about God with a $200,000 debt and the anchor of trying to find a church job that will help to pay that debt. 

Not only does the New Testament not say anything about charging people to learn about God, it actually does seem to be one of the few things that ticks Jesus off.

paying or getting paid

stop dinging