does it make me better?

Elon Musk says if you ask the right question then the answer comes pretty easy. 

Since I'm currently in love with Elon, I spent some cycles on that thought. I realized I ask a lot of questions like these... 

Is it fun? 
Is it entertaining? 
Is it worth it? 
Will it make me money? 
Will it make me look good? 

Seth Godin, in a great interview with Tim Ferriss, said that he asks "Does it make me a better person?" Or, does it help me evolve? 

Well, that changes things.

Does posting on Facebook make me better?
Does staying at that job make me better? 
Does going to that church make me better?  
Does binge watching House of Cards make me better? 
Does being a Christian make me better? 

So, if we're able to get that one down... I suppose we could move on to the related question of  "Does it make them better?" 




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