a little advent.

A lot of people can do a little or a few can do a lot. 

There aren't many alternatives, unfortunately. 

One works and one doesn't. One shares the duty and one burns us out with the task at hand.

The Christmas Eve story is often one that people think is about a few people doing a lot - mainly God coming to Earth as a human. 

I would argue that the story is of a lot of people doing a little, the way that God always shows up. 

Someone let Mary and Joseph stay in their house. 
Someone served them dinner. 
Someone grew the crops and raised the animals that were the dinner. 
Someone built a manger for an animal. 
Someone grew hay. 
Someone built a house. 
Someone gave birth to and raised Mary. 
Someone gave brith to and raised Joseph. 

And that's just for one scene in the Advent story. 

On this Christmas Eve, do a little. You may not be a hero but you might be preparing someone for an encounter with the Divine. You might be a hidden character in a story that will be told for generations. Or, you might not. Either way, celebrate. 


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