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more equality.

If we're going to fight inequality on any level, there are three things that have to happen: 

If someone can't, they receive.
If someone can, they do. 
If someone has extra, they give. 

Whether it's money, privilege, power, or rights, it applies. 

As an experiment, maybe, or just practicing what we preach, we recently remodeled our new apparel company Republic of Equal

If you want a shirt and can't afford one, we'll give you one. Shipping included. 
If you want a shirt and can afford it, buy it. 
If you want to help someone else get some shirts, give a little extra. 

Either  way, we're donating $5 for every shirt shipped, no matter whether someone paid for it or not. 

This is, for the record, a terrible business model. And it could really backfire. 

But a belief in equality demands a belief in humanity and the goodness in us all. 

So, I'm excited to see what happens. 

no, you aren't the same.

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