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thinking about church.

The Church (the non-profit corporation structure) has historically provided 5 things (in no particular order) that have become, generally, known as church (the Sunday morning experience).

1.  Teaching
2. Music/Singing
3. Some form of Counseling
4. Meditation/Spiritual Practices
5. Community

And it has usually tried to do them all at once, once or twice a week. 

Some problems. 

You can't do everything and do it everything well. 

You can now find all of those things whenever and wherever you want - and usually better. 

1. Podcasts/Books/Videos
2. Music is everywhere.  
3. Actual trained Counselors/Therapists/Spiritual Directors/Life Coaches
4. Yoga studios... for starters. 
5. Fitness clubs/teams/groups/concerts/and much more. 

So church, in my opinion has two real choices: 

1. Get people to realize everything they want is already out there and they no longer need this thing we have called church. (and shut down).

2. Focus on one of those and do it really well - at least as well as everywhere else. And it wouldn't really be called "church" anymore, because that's just a word, that has generally described someone trying to do all 5. 

I could be wrong but that's where I'm at.


even more inequality.

everything and nothing