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do they really?

Below is a recent snippet of a conversation with my daughter. She's 12. 

Her: Why would anyone not believe in God? 

Me: Well, there are some pretty bad gods out there. 

Her: What do you mean?

Me: Well, let's pretend, as your dad, that I told you how much I love you but I also said that if you don't love me then I'm going to torture you every day. 

Her: Hmm.

Me: What would you think? 

Her: I would think you weren't a very good dad. And I definitely wouldn't love you.

Me: Right. Some people hear about that god and aren't very interested. But that god works for some people too. I mean some people believe in that god and talk about that god to others. 

Her: (after a long pause) But do you think they really love god then? Or are they just afraid? 


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