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narrow roads.

I was talking with a friend and he said "It's easy not to sin, the hard part is showing grace to people who do." 

Great line. 

Which got me thinking. 

The narrow road is often equated to Heaven. But it's not. 

What many have done is equated the narrow road to doing "good things".  Or better not doing the "bad things". We all make up lists up the actual "bad things" that matter. The rest really don't. 

When the road is narrow enough or when the "bad things" are small enough, like my friend said, it's easy to do the good things. 

And we see much of this in religion today. It's actually a wide road with some barriers on it to make it seem narrow - but it's still wide and leading to destruction - maybe the most - because people think there are the road of life, of freedom, of inspiration, and love. 

But the other narrow road, the true narrow road, is the one that lives in grace and love.
To everyone. 

I think one of the great things that "the Law" does is break down the barriers and reveal that we're actually on the wide road.

But, when it does, no need to panic. 

Grace still wins. Love is still the story. For you and for everyone else. So get on the true narrow road. And actually I think that narrow road is actually a perspective. When we live there, we're able to walk on the wide road with everyone else and maybe even change the direction of the road. 

And start living. Not many people are there. 

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