the gift of sunday morning.

Thanks for all the feedback from the last post. Some people loved it and some people... didn't. So, just a quick follow-up. 

I hate when people are hurt by things I write or say or think. Please forgive me. It's never my intention, honestly. I have opinions, like we all do, and I am sorry to those who were hurt by mine. I was only trying to expand church and God, not shrink or eradicate expressions of it (based on my experiences right now).

I absolutely love who Branches is, what Sunday mornings can be, and what that weekly gathering can mean. I love it more when seen as a part of a much larger, abundant, amazing culture and world and universe that can hardly even begin to be contained in a small building for an hour a week. Or even a small community. 

That doesn't mean the small building for an hour doesn't matter. Or that community doesn't matter. It means, in context, they and it matter as much as anything in the world matters. I mean that. As much as anything in the world. It's a gift to those who see that. It was a gift to me for 7+ years, it's still a gift, and I hope it will always be a gift. 

Keep seeing and experiencing God every where, including Sundays at 10!