want to be a beta reader this summer?

I'm on the fifth draft of a new fiction book that I've written and I'm almost  ready for some people to read it and give me feedback. For what it's worth, I've been working on this baby for over four years and it's one of my favorite pieces of art that I've ever created.

Yeah, I'm really excited about it! 

Here's what you get: 

1. To read a book before anyone else. 

2. To provide feedback and help craft the book. 

3. To be a part of something special. 

Here's what you give: 

1. Read it. I need people committed to reading the book within 30 days (from the time they receive it - probably mid-June). It is 140,000 words (the size of The Return of the King by Tolkien). It's not copyedited, so there will be some mistakes and issues but you'll ignore those.  

2. Provide feedback. I need people committed to telling me if they like it, and why, or if they don't, and why. Even offer suggestions.

3. Care. I can find random people who would do this. But you read this blog and care at some level or another about me and my work. That means I trust you. If you'll care about making this better, I'd be honored for you to read it! 

Here's the back of the book summary to help you decide. If you want to apply, send me an email and explain why you want to do this. I'm choosing 7 from those that apply and we'll go from there! (Again, hoping to choose and hand the book out mid-June.)  

Not that I had ever met a demon before, but Ehs was the most normal demon I had ever met. Nice, authentic, funny, a joy to be around. Most of the time. 

Ehs asked me to trust him. He said he needed me to help him change the world that you and I live in, the world that he created, the world that he regretted creating. He also needed me to help him find love. 

Ehs promised me many things if I helped him, not the least of which was a story to tell.

This is that story. And it affects everything you believe.