dear cancer...

I’ll tell you why I hate you.
I believe that everyone has a story.
I believe there are no bad people, only people who sometimes do bad things
and usually because someone did something bad to them. 


Who hurt you? 

Who didn’t give you enough attention as a kid? 

Who made you think
even death
were the friends you’re supposed to hang out with? 

Don’t you know
you are the average of the five
people you’re around
the most? 

That’s not a good crew. 

Who made you think violence and destruction
are the way to make your mark? 


If no one did something awful to you
Why the hell are you so fucking mean
to everyone around you? 

That’s why I hate you. 

Not because you’re mean but
unlike the man on death row who never had a chance
and was beaten and tortured as a child
and knew nothing better. 

Which means
I can
in some part of my mind
understand why

You’re mean and there is no reason. 
Is that what evil is? 
But, don’t worry. 
I still hold out hope. 
There is some reason. 

Call me naive
or stupid
but it’s my filter of persuasion

Nothing is bad without a reason
Not a reason as in it will result in good
but a reason as in something bad was done to it

I’m sorry for whatever we did to you cancer
because whatever it was
it must have been terrible
for the havoc you feel you have to wreak on this world in return. 

I’m sorry. 

Now will you please stop hurting my friend?