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a windy one

Why windy and one
don't start with the same letter  
I don't know. 
No, I don't know
why those two don't too. 
the windy won
the day.
Then it makes cents
but still not much sense
why Y is a word and
a letter
like because and be
a cause
and be.
Just b. 
Do you see
Do you feel me? 
No. Know. No. 
We can't feel letters
we can only use them to write
that we deliver with a stamp
hoping our feelings
arrive intact. 
can mean to be mean
or maybe
the mean is the average
depending on how we see them
and feel them
and what is inside our mind. 
If you don't mind
I'll say this: 
and you think god
fits into all of this? 




great people...