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i know nothing and that is exciting!

If you've just found Cleaning Church Toilets, you might want to start at the beginning by clicking here. You can read this like a book by clicking the left arrow for a new chapter, all the way to this one, the last post in this book/blog/bloog experiment. Enjoy! 


I just posted thousands of words about where I’m at. My thoughts and opinions and lessons. One one hand this seems pretty arrogant:  here are my thoughts everyone. Listen. 

On the other hand, I realize I really know nothing. There is so much new out there. 

Nw science, new theories, new ideas, new perspectives, new interpretations, new species, new universes, new books, new people, and new experiences. 

I have an adrenaline rush thinking about them. 

I’m not afraid of not knowing. I hope you aren’t either. If you are, ask yourself why. Is the thing you’re holding on to that fragile? Do you have to hold on to it that tightly because it’s so threatened by everything out there? 

If so, how is that anything close to the creative power of the universe? 

Too many people have honestly decided that they know all there is to learn. They wouldn’t say it but they act it. If you bring a new way to look at the Bible and/or Hell and/or atonement and/or Jesus and/or the divine… and/or climate change, and/or atheism, and/or gun control…  they know it all. 

I don’t. 

I’m grateful for what I’ve learned, grateful that it will probably change, and excited for the journey in discovering more of this amazing thing called life. (And I look forward to continue blogging about it!)

I hope you are too because we all need to keep learning, talking, evolving, admitting, and adapting in order to keep swimming, including you.

This ends this little experiment of a blog and a book. I'll continue to blog daily and... I'm working on another project too. And I'm more excited about this project, than any project I've ever done. 

So, keep swimming... into the more and the new! 

it's just a parable.

the mystics.