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my movie idea.

Imagine Red Dawn. Or any other action/war movie that you’ve seen.

The premise is that China has set-up military bases on U.S. soil and started to come down on religious rules and laws. You know the kind of stuff that really gets people in this country riled up. They have called us barbaric and ridiculed our faith and banned our guns. 

The entire movie is this group of rogue soldiers who are camping out in the mountains and fighting the Chinese, standing up for American freedom, and kicking some butt. 

The whole time they are also planning out something - something big. Something that will put the Chinese on their heels. We get tidbits of it but never what it is until the last scene. 

Downtown Beijing. 
Early morning. 
Skyscrapers everywhere. 
Two planes fly into them.

Roll credits. 

Good guys and bad guys gets real confusing, depending on perspective.

culture and science help us read the bible.

good villains bad heroes