this really needs to be done by now.

Women can do anything men can do. (I know, I know, we are biologically different. Stop with the excuses.) 

They can preach, teach, lead, elder, deacon, whatever other “leadership” or “power” or “control” label you want to put on the task. They are leaders. They deserve power and control no matter what men think. 

In fact, they can do many of those things better than men. 

In fact, they should also be paid and treated the same as men who do the same job. 

In fact, we are missing out on huge swaths of wisdom and inspiration because we don’t push them to the front as often. 

In fact, God has feminine qualities. The Bible speaks of them all the time including in the very beginning when humans (that’s man and woman) were created in God’s image. The two form God’s image. 

In fact, when we ignore those qualities, it’s easy to focus on intellectual and institutional functions and aspects of the church and ignore the more mystical. 

In fact, still not knowing what to do with women, may be hurting the church more than anything else.