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church and dating

I planted a church. The first Sunday was very similar to a first date. I had high hopes and expectations and so did the other people but none of us knew if it would work. It was a little awkward but also exciting. 

As the years went by, we started to realize we liked each other and things got comfortable and beautiful. And the relationship is working. 

About 9 months ago, we had our 5 year anniversary party that was a lot like a wedding reception with dancing, drinking, music and toasts. I think we’re all married now. 

This has all made me think of all the other commonalities between churches and dating, some of which might help you in either… or both. 

There are good churches and good people and sometimes the two aren’t a good fit. It doesn’t mean anything bad about them, or you. 

There are bad churches. Really bad ones. Abusive churches. Friends don’t let friends date them or stay committed to them. 

There are churches that really sell you on the first date and go all out. Then they end up not really caring too much after you have committed. 

Breaking up is hard. Even if the relationship was bad. You still carry some grief. If it was good, you carry even more. Acknowledge it when and if you move on. 

Relationships take time to build. You can’t replicate in 3 weeks what took 3 years to build, unless it’s magic. (But don't always expect magic.)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t knock a church because her hair is too long or she wears too much make up. Someone might love her. Don’t love a church because she’s the cheerleader and everyone at school says she’s the hottest one of the bunch. 

Love a church because she’s beautiful. To you.

the church is beautiful