love to argue vs. argue to love.

I would imagine that humans have always enjoyed a good argument and I’m not one to say that we suddenly love it more. I do think we have more information than we ever have and so we have more ammunition to fire in our wars of words and opinions.  

We also have more abilities to express our opinions without the fear of getting punched in the face because there is a technological wall between us and so... we probably argue a little more.

I grew up with three brothers who all have a wide spectrum of opinions on... everything. I always enjoy a good argument. 

I do think we love to argue for one really good reason: it’s hard to love when we are arguing and we really like any situation that is hard to love, because than we have excuses to not do it. 

Too many people are really set on coming up with great reasons to not love someone, or at least not give there all to someone. Or, at least, not give a quarter to them if they are on the street.

We even find arguments on what love is so that we don’t have to do it. 

If we want to argue, can we argue about reasons to love someone rather than argue about reasons not to?