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the other side.

Jesus returns from the dead and starts making breakfast on a beach. The disciples are out fishing and aren’t aware that Jesus is around yet. (Is there a better illustration of resurrection ever?)

These disciples are having bad luck catching anything and Jesus tells them to try the other side of the boat. 

Interesting. Had they not thought of that, already? Did they always fish on one side? Was that the lucky side? The easy side? The good side? Are different sides of boats really that different? 

They suddenly catch a ton of fish. It’s a miracle! 

And they know it’s Jesus. 

I’m not sure this really has anything to do with fishing. I think it has to do with ruts. It’s easy to get stuck in them. It’s easy to think it’s not working but we just need to keep trying harder and more and doing the same thing over and over. 

Then someone come along and says try the other side of the boat. Try something new. Different. Get out of the rut. 

God doesn’t like ruts. There are no fish there. Or miracles. 

Again, it’s time to try the new.

the devil gets all the good ones?

you can't go home.