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eternal fire.

We might have really messed up what we think God wants to destroy. I’ve heard more people talk about God destroying actual people than God destroying the things that prevent people from actually seeing who they are. 

I think that’s the stuff that is more important to God to start burning: anything that prevents us from living in the light and realizing what we are. 

John the Baptist was out in the desert talking about unquenchable fires that burn up chaff. I once saw this verse on a billboard warning people of the fire that was coming to get them. 

Ironically, Luke, in that passage, called the fire, along with some other words, good news. 

When was the last time unquenchable fire was good news? More often than not, the unquenchable fire that we hear about is the main feature of the bad news that is supposedly why we need the good news - to save us from that fire. 

That’s messed up. 

This fire is great news. It’s burning up ego, boxes, shame and all the the other things (sin) that prevent us from living and being what we are.  

If there is fire, I hope it’s burning up that stuff. 


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