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god is everywhere, except there.

This came from Dave, a friend I always have very deep, paradoxical, confusing and fun conversations with. I gave Dave the “best heretic” award at our church’s five year anniversary party because of our conversations. 

This, in a nutshell, is one of our conversations: 

God is everywhere, 
except in the places that we refuse to acknowledge God is. 

Of course, God is actually there
but if God is there and we don’t care, 
is God really there? 

God exists in the acknowledgment or awareness of God. 

In a sense, 
we control where God exists, 
because God (and love) allow us to.

So maybe the atheist and the theist are both correct in their reality. 

Maybe instead of trying to correct reality, we should seek to acknowledge another reality.

that power.

instead of hate the sin, love the sinner.