Like Wise. A Story. Part 8.

It didn't take long. 

It started with some words being thrown back and forth. It ended with fists being thrown back and forth. 

Billy, despite being able to think too clearly, tried to calm things down. Yes, he was a racist but he was also a racist that had been accustomed to following certain rules that helped him to keep a job he loved and to help him stay alive. His Uncle, however, was not as used to following those same rules. In fact, as is often the case with the people we hate the most, it was rare for him to actually see a black man, let alone have a chance to hurt one. 

He took advantage of his opportunity, unfortunately. 

It was a mess and there is no reason to go into all the details here but suffice it to say there were broken bones amidst the broken souls. 

By the end, Dwayne managed to escape, along with his friends. Barely. But not before unloading a heap of damage on a few people, including Billy. 

In fact, Billy, despite being the one who least wanted to fight, bore the brunt of everyone else's anger and rage and lust for violence. 

Billy's Uncle ran. As did most everyone else when the police showed up. 

Unfortunately, Billy could not run. Unfortunately, Billy was not in the bar anymore. Dwayne had taken Billy outside and unloaded on him. Billy had landed a few good punches but one-on-one there was no contest. 

Billy was dying. Alone. In a back alley by a dumpster. The police gave the alley a glance but they didn't seem him. There was too much going on in the bar with names and statements and paperwork. 

Billy doesn't remember much. He remembers more pain than he had ever felt. He remembers loneliness and betrayal by a family member he thought cared about him. 

He remembers believing there was nothing that would save him. His life was flashing before his eyes. The good moments and the bad. The painful and the joyful. Unfortunately, Billy's life was ending the way most of it had been, which made him feel only more pain.

Life had not been a good one. He was not angry but he wished it had been different. 

And then he remember a car. 

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