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Like Wise. A Story. Part 10.

That someone was Saul. He would say later that he was pretty drunk and maybe even a little high but still... he walked right up to Billy. 

The irony was thick. Billy had seen pictures of Saul on numerous bases around the world. He was known as not only a supporter of the troops but an advocate. He tried to smile but his mouth wouldn't let him. 

Saul wouldn't have cared anyway. He took one look at blood and bruises and, obvious, broken bones and turned away quickly. He did take a second look at the U.S. ARMY shirt but decided that it was better for his image not to be associated with this than to be associated with it. 

He wasn't even supposed to be out. Alone. In this city. 

"You'll be alright," he mumbled. "I'll get you some help quick." Saul ran away. 

At that time Moses was calling 911. 

The 911 operator was a little confused as to whether or not Moses was with the man, and if not how he knew what kind of shape he was in, but Moses quickly hung up. 

At least he had called. Saul ran back to the hotel room as fast as he could without looking suspicious. 

Billy stared at a street light. He couldn't focus on it but he knew it would be the last light he would ever see. He tried to keep his eyes open but he couldn't help. Darkness suffocated the light - as it did his hope to live. 

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