they will always be there.

If Trump proves anything these days, he proves that no matter what you will do, you will always have supportive tribe members.

If we know anything from human experience, we can also know that we will always have critics, no matter what we do, or say, or write, or don’t do, or don’t say, or don't write.

So, two things to get out of the way, right away. Critics never mean you’re on the wrong path and supportive tribe members never mean you’re on the right path. They aren’t good gauges for right or wrong.

Two more things to get out of the way: there’s no point in trying to get rid of critics. There’s no point in ever worrying you will be alone with no tribe.

Maybe the two most important things: decide what kind of people you don’t mind being your critics. Decide what kind of people you want to be in a tribe with. Once you’ve got that dialed in - which probably will change, by the way - you’ll at least be able to gauge, to a pretty decent degree, whether you’re living the kind of life you want to live or not.