Not too long ago I had an idea for an ap: similar to Instagram but instead of promoting ourselves in one way or another we would promote others. So the idea was a feed of books, movies, podcasts, etc… that you could recommend and then follow people who you would like to see what they recommend. A feed of recommendations. A feed of entertainment, education, and evolution.

I was telling a friend about it not too long ago and he did some research and sent me Likewise. Turns out Bill Gates and a friend had a similar idea and launched the ap a few months ago. It’s also got restaurants and places to visit. (It’s missing music but they want recommendations.)

I’m all in.

But it needs people, like all good social media aps, to get it going and even better. So go sign up. Send us out some recs. Look me up: rsjm.

And no I don’t have any monetary stake in this thing - but I still do love the idea and hope it works!