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Apparently the Oscars had one of the lowest audiences in its history this past Sunday night. Which raises lots of interesting questions:

1. Is there just too much other stuff to watch now? The audience is diluted. 
2. Are the Oscars boring and out-of-touch? Is it time for them to evolve? 
3. Are people not "artsy" enough? If The Avengers isn't nominated do they care? 
4. Should the Oscars nominate The Avengers so more people watch?
5. Should people care more about movies that say something instead of pulp entertainment?
6. Who cares if it's pulp entertainment? Aren't movies supposed to entertain? 
7. Who votes for the Oscars?
8. What is the success of an awards show?
9. Are people tired of out-of-touch Hollywood?
10. Is Hollywood out-of-touch? Are the majority of Americans out-of-touch?
11. Out-of-touch with what? Each other? 

I've asked myself these kinds of questions for almost 10 years in the church world. I don't have the answers but I'm really happy I don't have to ask them anymore. They're exhausting. 




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