no, it was the church.

I can't count the number of times I've heard a statement like "the church has hurt me" or "the church let me down" or "the church betrayed me"....

For a while it was popular to respond to such statements with "What was his/her name?" implying that "the church" can't hurt anyone. It's always a person, representing the church. 

After spending 9+ years working in the church and 44+ heavily involved (and talking to others with similar stats) I completely disagree.

I had an amazing experience with people in "the church". In fact, I can't name one person who did something wrong or hurtful or mean... honestly I can't. (Not that really sticks.) When I think of individuals, I have nothing but love and respect and good feelings. 

But, when I think of "the church" well... I don't have quite the same feelings. Not because of people, but because of the system... entirely the nameless, faceless, generic system... and its flaws. So, I'd actually encourage you today if you feel as though you've been hurt by the church, you probably have. 

If there was a person who was acting in the name of the church, trust that they've been hurt by it as well. 

Systems are oppressive. Systems exist to benefit themselves... not individuals, as Seth Godin says. And the church is no different. It's a system created to benefit itself, and that can be really hurtful.

Keep on trusting humanity, it's the systems that are a little more scary.  

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