In case you missed the yoga firestorm this week, here's the quick summary: Matt Walsh tweeted something about yoga being evil and then the internet responded (per usual) with blazes of agreement and disagreement, then he wrote an article, and then there were other articles... and wow, is it 1991 again? 

I remember in High School a pastor was informing us of the dangers of Star Wars because... Yoda.... Yoga... he kept repeating slowly. Wait? Yoda is bad because it sounds like Yoga and, of course, Yoga is bad? Correct. 

Seriously, I thought the yoga-is-evil argument died when Mark Driscoll left his church in Seattle. But, apparently, it's back! 

Beyond reason 9,231 as to why Christianity is becoming more uninteresting, confusing, hypocritical and, thus, dead, every day in America, the back and forth does raise some interesting thought, beyond the whole idea of whether a pose can be inherently spiritual or whether something that started one way can change into something else - like pretty much every cultural thing we do, including church. But, I digress. 

What if Christians are flocking to yoga because it is more genuinely spiritually appealing? Yoga offers an actual experience of body, mind, and spirit vs much of Christianity which offers a theoretical concept that just sits in a brain. And eventually rots. (And sometimes takes the rest of the brain with it.)

What if Christians are really tired of being told what is good and what is bad and, instead, are starting to discover how to help make all things good (reconcile them)? 

What if Christians are actually starting to believe in a God that is everywhere - as in every...

every tree,
every person,
every rock, (they will cry out)
every pose,
every tradition,
every religion,
every building,
every ritual,

vs the god that is only in Merry Christmas (not Happy Holidays) and Easter Bunnies (after they've been mysteriously approved) and worship songs (if they say "Jesus" or are old enough to be called  hymns)? 

What if Christians are leaving Christianity and finding God? 

I guess that's the real fear for people like Matt Walsh. I just wish he would say that. 




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