being good.

I grew up hearing “Being a good person is not enough…”

Many still claim it. In fact, it’s basic theology for many.

But, ironic enough, the Bible (of Christianity) says differently. It actually pretty clearly states that being good enough is enough.

The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats is a little story Jesus tells about two groups of people who meet the “King”. One group is sent away by the King and the other is welcomed in. And both groups are judged strictly on what they did.

So, not only does the story say being a good person is enough, it also says what a good person does: they feed people who are hungry, they give water to people who are thirsty, they clothe those who are naked, help those who are sick, invite strangers in, and visit those in jail. In other words, they take care of their fellow humans. In other words they are “good” people.

Interestingly enough, sex or no sex, gay or no gay, drugs or no drugs, pledging allegiance to America or not, reading one’s Bible or not, going to church or not, believing Jesus died on the cross for your sins or not, and a whole list of other things don’t appear to have anything to do with being “good” or not - at least not in this story told by Jesus.

Being good is taking care of our fellow human beings.

So, just try to be better - a little more good - today.

It’s probably more than “enough”.


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