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I had an epiphany, of sorts, which shouldn’t be an epiphany at all because it seems really obvious. But maybe that’s how most epiphanies work.


We wall want to win. That’s it. So we root for our team and if we win, we cheer and if we lose, we are sad. Why? Some will say tribes, some will say prestige, I say winning. We just, plain and simple, want to win.

And we want to win every game. Not just football games that we don't play but games we do play. And not just the competitive - we all want to win. Business… we want to win. Politics… Trump has said it as bluntly as possible: who cares what we do if we’re winning?

And when we don’t win, we get upset - not only that we’re not winning - but at the person that is.

We just need a win.

So if my college team loses, maybe my pro team will win and they if they lose maybe my fantasy team and if they all 3 lose, than maybe my political party will win, or maybe I’ll take down a fellow employee and win the promotion… it’s constant, never-ending, where can I get a win?

But, here’s the thing: you and I can win every day. It’s just a matter of running a completely different race.

Who’s winning the contentedness race? The peace race? The gratefulness race? The helping others succeed race? The rest/space/meditation race. The calm race.

Funny how few are running those, and yet there is so much winning to be had there.

where are our elders?

lonely numbers.