Given that the United States just imposed tariffs on solar panels and washing machines, it brings up an interesting point: what are the equivalent tariffs for people who are beating me in my market place? Or just my life? What about that man/woman who just seems to work more efficiently and produce more creative work than I do? Or who has it together more than me? Can I impose some kind of fee on her/him so that my work will have a chance? Can I impose a fee of negativity that they have to battle more against, to help myself? 


But we sure do our best. Breaking down other's reputations, trying to erode trust, encouraging more "questions" about what they do, so everything they do - and attempt and produce, costs them a little more. 

That's just wasted energy. 

Instead keep failing, keep working, keep testing, keep improving, keep trying to change the world, and keep being content with doing good work that only you can do.

We don't more tariffs. We do need more good work. 

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