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We bought one of those little signs that you can slide letters into and light up. You know the ones. They're big right now. 

Problem is, there is lots of pressure to come up with a wise saying that will fit into the thing - and that we have enough letters for. The pressure. We've all got to be inspired when we walk into the kitchen! 

So, how's this? 

Today, or not today. 

That is the question.
Arguably the only one. 

If it's not today, it was yesterday or it will be tomorrow and, well, yesterday is all memories and tomorrow is all ideas about future events so really if it's not today - what is it?

We can remember today, of course. And we should. We can plan today, of course. And we should. 

But there's no use wasting time today on something that doesn't need to happen today.
And if it does need to happen today, well, then make it happen! 



one million...

hard to believe.