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practice and exercise.

You start talking about sports with anyone - even those who don't care or play sports - and they always get it.

You can be born talented, but you still have to practice. Practice isn't fun. Practice is hard work. You have to exercise. When exercising one never arrives... but we get better. Each time. It too is work. But all of it is work that pays off. 

Sure he or she is a talented athlete but they've got to practice and exercise because it is a practice and an exercise. 

We get it. 

Yoga is somewhat a sport but it's also done a good job of using the words. We get it in those conversations too. 

Then we come to words like Compassion. Love. Prayer. Spirituality. Forgiveness. 

Where did the magic spells come from when it comes to these ideas? We say some words, read some words, sing a song, and we're suddenly spiritual? Seriously? Or forgiven? Or able to forgive? Or more loving? More compassionate? 

Practice. Exercise. One of the worst things we did - mostly in the West - was start believing they don't apply to everything in life, including the more blatantly "spiritual" things. 

grateful? amidst this?

stick to.