i watched this ant.

I felt like Solomon for a second, studying this little ant that was walking across our deck. 

The little guy had a huge piece of food that he was carrying. He would get close to the gaps in the wood and then move away from them until he found a spot close enough to cross. 

From his perspective, the deck must have felt like miles, with canyons everywhere.

Then he reached our planter and started going straight up. His cargo was catching the wind and twirling him around but he kept going. Straight up. Against the wind. Probably felt like a hurricane. 

And he finally made it into a hole in the planter where he entered. I imagined a parade for him when he got home - or at least a prize for bringing home a huge piece of food. 

But, he probably didn't.

Probably just dropped it off and left again to get some more. Maybe he took a nap.

And he didn't complain. Or get mad. Or wonder why no one was recognizing him. 

Just humans, like me, do that. 

It's an ant's life. It's work. It's effort. And then they do it again. 

No wonder Solomon studied them for so long. There's a lot to learn.  

thoughts, creativersjm