the good is everywhere...

I don't know where each of you stand, especially with your faith, with your politics, with your views on culture and its current trajectory. 

For me, I just watched most of the One Love Manchester concert that was put on in response to the terrorist attack In Manchester. 

After crying at my computer, I'm more convinced than ever that there is a lot of good and it's in a lot of places including at a concert with Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Coldplay and many others. 

When thousands of people are singing or chanting or listening to and cheering... 

don't look back in anger
tears stream down your face when you lose something you cannot replace
love, love, love, love, love,
let's not be afraid, together we will stand
The most important responsibility we have on this entire planet is to take care of one another
they come to build a wall between us but they know they won't win

Well, you are, of course, free to think what you will. 

But, me, I'm convinced there is good everywhere and it's seeping into all the cracks and shadows and it's beautiful and divine and it's moving and growing and if you don't want to jump on board, well you can find plenty of people cowering in fear and misery, bemoaning the loss of morality in the world to sit with. 

But IT is what is changing the world for the better more than any ban, any bomb, or any call for vengeance in the name of all those holy books.