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my jesus press conference.

Jesus: Good morning to you all. It's the year 24 and I'm here to answer a few questions. 

Hands raise. 

Jesus: Yes, Jim. 

Jim: Hi Jesus. Jim from ABC. Can you tell me whether or not you believe in a "America First" or "Make America Great Again" policy? 

Jesus: Excuse me. 

Jim: Yes, can you tell me...

Jesus: Yeah, I heard the question. America? 

Jim: Oh yes, sorry, it's a country that will exist in about 1,800 years. 

Jesus: Okay. 

Jim: So, do you support an "America First" policy? 

Jesus: Not sure, why you're not asking if I support an "Israel First" policy because if I supported any country first, it'd be that one, assuming it's still around but... I generally go with a Kingdom of God first policy. You know, that whole seek first the kingdom of God thing? 

Jim: Thank you. 

Jesus: Yes, Nancy. 

Nancy: Hi Jesus. A follow-up question. Do you support an Israel first policy? I mean they are the chosen people of God? Right? 

Jesus: Well Nancy if you read the Torah, you'd see that they were chosen to bless the world. So, again, I support a Kingdom of God policy... which is generally a bless the world policy. So, yes, you are first in order to be last in blessing others. 

Nancy. Thank you. 

Jesus: Mark? 

Mark: Hey Jesus. Thanks, a follow-up on that Kingdom of God thing. What is it? 

Jesus: I've already answered that. Multiple times. 

Mark: But, it seems the answers are always different. 

Jesus: They make a point. 

Mark: What is that point? 

Jesus: That you're asking all the wrong questions. 


just like coffee.

bye bye paris...