9/11 and Pearl Harbor, are, I believe, the two worst attack (as far as deaths) carried out against the United States, in its history. 

The tragedy is obvious. 

Both have beautiful and honoring memorials that I have been to and, each time, I'm moved by the history, saddened by the horror, sickened by the loss of life. 

But, something else hit me recently. 

There are memorials. Both of them are covered in "never forgetting" and both have millions of visitors each year. As I was standing in a line at Pearl Harbor I was reading about the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II that is taking place in the world, right now. 

Disease and famine in 4 countries. 

The numbers are hard to even fathom but this one struck me: 600,000 children are expected to die of starvation in the next 3 to 4 months. 600,000 children. In both 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, combined, less than 6,000 died, 

Obviously, I hope, this is not meant to minimize the worst attacks on U.S. history. One loss of life is enough to mourn. I love the memorials and I'm grateful that we will not forget the tragedies they represent. 

My only question is are we even aware, enough to forget - or not - what is happening right now in our world. 

You can read more about the famine here

Many of the survivors of both Pearl Harbor and 9/11 felt guilty for surviving. Reading about Somalia I feel guilty as well. Next time you hear life isn't fair, remember it's definitely not and we have much to be grateful and responsible for. 

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