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There is a sign in Hawaii that says "Aloha is a way of life". 

Yes, aloha means hello and goodbye in Hawaiian. Yes, any tourist can get off the plane and say "aloha!" and they would be correct in their intention and meaning. 

But, that's not the true extent of aloha. 

Aloha is far more than just a word. It's a perspective, an intention, an ideal, an attitude, and yes, hello and goodbye, but hello and goodbye with an entire culture and history behind it.

Anyone can throw out some words like Christian, God, faith, believe, and Jesus and they might even be correct in their intention and meaning.

But that's not the true extent of the kingdom of God. We're talking about a way of life. A perspective, intention, attitude and culture. 

You can be Hawaiian, Japanese, Australian, and even American and still live aloha, because it's not a superficial label, a birthright, a flag, a system of beliefs, it's... a way of life. 

It's a way of life. 

What's your way of life? 

no one cares what the sign says.

the question.