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no one cares what the sign says.

I've seen hundreds of people in the ocean with a sign that says "Don't swim, jellyfish"

I've seen everyone go the wrong end of the line when the sign clearly said "Line starts here". 

I've seen hundreds of people jump off rocks into the ocean when the sign said "No jumping"

I've seen everyone park where the sign says "No Parking"

I've seen everyone climb over a rope with a sign that says "End of the trail is here. Do not go any further." 

And I swam in that ocean, went to the wrong end of the line, jumped off the rocks, parked, and went over the rope closer to the waterfall. 

Signs are everywhere in life and they really don't mean much of anything. What's does mean a lot is figuring out which signs are worth following and which signs are not. And, for that, there will always be a need for other humans to point, to lead, to test the way. 

Or to be that person ourselves. 

the signs. part two.