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hidden permanence.

Tattoos. They can have lots of meaning but they are permanent and that's always a little scary. 

What's funny though - and the great thing about tattoos - is that many things are permanent - they just aren't as obviously permanent. They are more subtle and hidden. Maybe the best thing about tattoos is that they remind us of all kinds of things that are permanent and we pretend  aren't. 

Marriage is permanent. Of course, we can get a divorce, but we can't erase the experience. 
Kids are permanent. I hope we know that. 
Surgeries are permanent. 
Affairs are permanent.
Selling or throwing away something with meaning is permanent.  

Words are permanent. They can't be brought back. They can be covered but not returned. 
Actions are permanent. They initiate consequences that can be altered, but not retrieved. 

If words and actions are permanent, well, what else is there? 

It's all permanent in a sense. 

I'm not sure we're afraid of permanence. I think we're afraid of the permanence everyone knows. We are afraid of the vulnerability of our permanence on display. So, we tend to hide the permanence, keep it secret, and I think we hurt ourselves when we do.

(And ironically, if it were as easy as $1000 to get rid of some of what we've done we'd pay it almost instantly.)

But, it's not. There is no removal. So, we hide it. Pretend it's not there for people to see.

But, maybe acknowledge the permanence. Live it. Hold it. Own it.

Trend it toward the good, permanently. 


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