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of course he doesn't have to.

Getting off a plane recently it was the pilot who had put on some gloves and was cleaning garbage from the aisles, saying goodbye to everyone. He had just landed the plane and was taking out the trash moments later. 


Were the flight attendants going to fly? 

I asked. He was the Captain, just helping out. Judging from the comments and looks everyone appreciated it. 


Because we couldn't imagine why he was doing it. Had he lost a bet? Was he showing off? Maybe he just cared about doing things he didn't have to do because he wanted to.

Today there all kinds of things you don't have to do. It's a long list.  

But, there is also a list of things you don't have to do, that you might do anyway, because you care, because you want to, because you are that person.  

And it will affect those around you.  

is it possible?

you confuse...