Gonzaga is in the Men's Basketball National Championship Game tonight. 

Gonzaga is our local university. 

Of course, the town is going crazy. Small-ish town, small school, big time. 

I was talking to someone who had attended Gonzaga years ago and they couldn't believe how "into" it they were. They were almost sick watching games, afraid they might lose. They were wearing Gonzaga hats and shirts and they don't want to be "into it" but they can't help it. 

Sports are so weird like that. 

They reveal tribes. We love tribes. We can't help but take advantage of an opportunity to elevate ourselves by elevating our tribe above someone else's. Even if it silly, even if it is nothing, even if we don't really care, if we get a justified opportunity to be better than another tribe, we'll take and use it and love it. 

It's fun with sports. But, let it reveal what is always just below the surface. My tribe is better than yours, which means I'm better than you.

We're addicted to the feeling and we'll find it in anyway we can. Resist it.