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it's monday.

There's a well known saying: It's Friday but Sunday is coming. 

Many in the world just finished "Easter Weekend" which was proceeded by "Holy Week" which was proceeded by Lent. 

Big days with fancy names and big themes. Pain, suffering, resurrection, doubt, faith, life... 

And then it's Monday again. 

Just Monday. 

No names. 

Just another day where you take the kids to school, go to work, get stuck in traffic, file the paperwork, turn on your computer. 

It's life, plain and simple, boring and routine. 

Monday though, is actually, where the rubber meets the road. If all this talk of pain and suffering and life and death and resurrection and crucifixion doesn't actually affect boring, old, plain and simple, routine Monday, well, I mean, what's the point of any of it? 

So it's not just Monday. It's a chance to turn the routine into the extraordinary, the simple into the extravagant, the boring into the adventurous... it's an opportunity to actually live some life. 

 All of those special days, weekends, and seasons can be great, but Monday is where stuff actually happens. 

Make it happen.