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Lent seems to one of the most misunderstood events out there. We're on day 3 of these very confusing 40 days but maybe I can just say it this way. 

The goal of Lent is not to create more suffering. Giving up chocolate is fine but the world has plenty of suffering, no one is asking us to create more for ourselves. 

The goal of Lent is to become aware of the suffering already in the world. Once that occurs all kinds of things can start to happen including a) being better at sitting in negative emotion, instead of building lives to avoid and suffocate it b) being better at bringing something better to suffering where we can and c) finding the gift in the desert. There always is something to be learned in the desert, as the Hero's Journey tells us, but first, we have to be okay being in the desert.

So, we spend 40 days being okay being in the desert. So, we can bring back more gifts to this world. 

is it worth it.

cash flow negative.