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the taste of water.

Imagine someone who comes to you very thirsty. They have never tasted water. They ask you "What does it taste like?" 

Would you write some books to describe it? Would you tell them to read some books? Would you tell them to memorize descriptions? Would you tell them to be careful and to separate from  people over their descriptions, that are different than yours? Would you tell them to read about people who have tasted water? Would you be afraid of describing water the wrong way? Would you describe the water differently if they were not very thirsty? Would you tell them about bad water - toxic water - that might make them sick? Would you tell them what to look for in good water and how to tell the difference between bad water and good water? Would you tell them that if they don't agree to some principles about water, and about what good water is, they might end up in an eternity filled with water and drowning forever? 

Or would you simply point them toward the nearby river and not worry about anything else?



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