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they aren't watching.

An actress, I believe, once said something along these lines: 

In your 20's you're trying to impress everyone. 
In your 40's you don't care what they think anymore.
In your 70's you realize no one was ever paying any attention to you. 

I think one of the benefits of Yoga has been realizing this at a much faster pace: 

Your first couple of weeks, you don't want to embarrass yourself in front of everyone. 
You very soon don't care what everyone else thinks of you. 
You then realize everyone is so consumed with their own practice, they're not even noticing you. 

So, if you're still trying to impress everyone, keep going. 
If you don't care what they think anymore, keep going. 
And if you've realized, they aren't watching you, congratulations.

You can actually focus on the right thing now. 

that's why.

the big lesson.