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factories vs fields.

They both produce. 

One produces goods, many of which are unnecessary for survival, many even detrimental. 
The other produces food, a requirement, at some level, for the survival of our species. 

One requires consistency, a lack of change, a routine. Sterility. 
The other requires sun, water, dirt, pollination (natural elements we do not control) growth, and adaptation. 

One pollutes. 
The other contributes. 

One produces a mindset - follow the rules with efficiency. Mastery of protocol. Don't think. 
The other produces a different mindset - see, feel, care. Be. Notice. React. 

Of course, we make our fields more like factories every day. 

And our religions, our educational systems, our emotions, and most other aspects of our lives. 

Sometimes there are storms, sometimes droughts, sometimes infestations. We lose control. 
Sometimes it's messy and muddy and frustrating... 

But have you ever experienced the taste of an apple or strawberry or peace fresh off the tree?   





burnt cheese.

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